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Sermon 08/25/19 When to Heal (Worship at N. Middletown Park)

August 25th, 2019|Sermon January 13 2019 - Drama|

When to Heal                           Luke 13:10-17

1st UCC – Carlisle           Worship and Picnic  N Middleton park


          If I were to mention any of the following words: Charlie Brown, Peanuts, Charles Schultz, I wonder what comes to our minds:  How many people have some knowledge about the cartoon strip that Charles Schultz is probably best known for.  I am speaking of The cartoon strip, the TV shows and movies or just the series that all falls under the name: Peanuts.  Any of these productions will offer characters like Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Snoopy, Pigpen, Schroeder and Lucy.  So people may know about the personalities of the different people in this series.  I imagine people who this series are familiar just how compassionate Lucy is : how she is always holding the football for Charlie Brown when he attempts to kick.  Or the times when she offers those kind and considerate words to her […]

Sermon 08/04/19 More Numbers, Higher Quantities

August 4th, 2019|Sermon January 13 2019 - Drama|

More numbers higher quantities

1st UCC – Carlisle          Luke 12:13-21



Has there ever been a time when we wanted more?  Perhaps it was simple as wanting more dessert, or getting additional chocolate?  Was there a time when we thought how nice it would be to have more money in our lives, or maybe we have considered what a bigger garage would get us, or a house with more rooms in it.  There could be so many things in the world that we could be looking at and thinking more would be better.  Perhaps we have never had those thoughts.  But these can be some of the easiest thoughts and perspectives: to want more, to desire larger and bigger.  It can be a little thought, or it can become a dominating overwhelming obsession.

When we first look at this passage we notice a man who is demanding to receive a more fair proportion […]

Sermon 07/28/19 – Book of Amos, Living against injustice

July 28th, 2019|Sermon January 13 2019 - Drama|

Book of Amos: living against injustice

First ucc – Carlisle   07/28/19

Amos 7: 7-15


So while it has been some time since I was in college, I do have some vivid memories while I was studying to be a Civil engineer.  There was the class where we spent weeks practicing letters numbers and our penmanship.  And anyone who has seen my handwriting recently knows that particular class did help me with having legible handwriting.  There was the math class that to this day I still do not understand.  In the civil engineering building, there was the five million pound testing machine which was a gigantic piece of machinery, and there were the water tanks where work was done studying open channel flow and coastal water patterns.  And then there was the plumb bob.

The plumb bob was memorable in part because on that particular class we got to be outside on a rather spring […]

Sermon 07/14/19 – Weapons in the World

July 14th, 2019|General|

Weapons in the world

1st ucc – Carlisle                      7/14/19

Amos 5:21-24


How many people are family with Monty python’s Flying circus?  So some of you may not know that this is a group British individuals who did comedy skits for over a period of 5 years: 1969-1974.  They are also responsible for putting together several movies: meaning of life, life of Brian: and the Search for the Holy Grail.  One of the fundamental aspects to their skits and movies are absurd situations which they act with perfect seriousness.  One such skit that people may or may not be aware of is called the self defense class.  This is where John Cleese, one of the more well known names in this group teaches people how to defend themselves against attackers.  The crux of this class is all of the attackers are armed with fresh fruit as the weapons.  While this sounds silly beyond measure, […]

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