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Sermon 07/21/19 – All our senses

All of our senses                                7/21/19

First UCC – Carlisle                                  Luke 10:38-42


Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Alinda Bradford wrote about how the sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.

Touch is thought to be the first sense that humans develop, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Touch consists of several distinct sensations communicated to the brain through specialized neurons in the skin. Pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, pain and other sensations are all part of the touch sense and are all attributed to different receptors in the skin.

Sight, or perceiving things through the eyes, is a complex process. First, light reflects off an object to the eye. The part of the eye called the cornea bends the light that passes through the hole of the pupil. The iris works like the shutter […]

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Sermon 07/14/19 – Weapons in the World

Weapons in the world

1st ucc – Carlisle                      7/14/19

Amos 5:21-24


How many people are family with Monty python’s Flying circus?  So some of you may not know that this is a group British individuals who did comedy skits for over a period of 5 years: 1969-1974.  They are also responsible for putting together several movies: meaning of life, life of Brian: and the Search for the Holy Grail.  One of the fundamental aspects to their skits and movies are absurd situations which they act with perfect seriousness.  One such skit that people may or may not be aware of is called the self defense class.  This is where John Cleese, one of the more well known names in this group teaches people how to defend themselves against attackers.  The crux of this class is all of the attackers are armed with fresh fruit as the weapons.  While this sounds silly beyond measure, […]

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Sermon 07/07/19 – Delegating


Acts 6:1-7   Ex 18:13-27 Luke 10:1-11

First UCC – Carlisle   07/07/19


Aa a number of people probably know, I went to General Synod this year as a delegate of the Mercersburg Association within the Penn Central Conference.  This happened in the third week of June, and lasted approximately five days.  This is an event for the national body of the United Church of Christ.  It happens every two years and is on a rotating location schedule.  This year it was held in Milwaukee, WI which is a great place to visit.  In two years it will be held in Kansas City.  I have to be honest, I am not clear if it will be in the Missouri portion of Kansas City, or Kansas.  I guess that is for the delegates of the following general synod to work out.

For people who have not experienced General Synod, I recommend it to everyone.  Many interesting […]

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Sermon 06/16/19 – Outpouring of God’s Spirit

The Outpouring of God’s Spirit

Joel 2:28-30                             1st ucc – Carlisle




What does it look like, something like this    video-trickle of water

Or like this                      video-large waterfall

How about this               video- swarm of locusts


In my opinion, there could be several instances of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit considered in the book of Joel.  First, there is the plague of locusts which this biblical speaks of, and the people experience who were there.  This act of nature acting against people and the community might be considered, and the pouring out of God’s spirit.  This first symbolizes the disconnect between the people of the land and God.  There is also the future possibility that the community will experience a worse desolation than the locusts.  The possibility that the people of the kingdom of Judah might face worse than destroyed crops and homes, that the end result could be the utter and […]

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sermon 06/09/19 – Transformation

First UCC – Carlisle               06/09/19  Transformation

Jeremiah 1:4-10   Acts 2:1-12          Luke 10:25-37


The passage from the book of Acts is something many of us are likely familiar with.  We have likely heard the story on a regular basis about how the disciples were in a house together on a particular day when change and transformation came to them and the entire community.  We may recognize when we hear the part of the Pentecost story of the sound of a violent wind, and the flames of fire that appear.  From this story, we can also learn about the words that the disciples were speaking were suddenly understood from people from different communities and countries.  This Pentecost day was a day of transformation.  People beyond the local community began to learn about the power of God, and what the disciples were sharing.  Thousands of people were baptized that day.  But one of the more […]

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Sermon 06/0s/2019 – Break your Chains

Break your chains                            06/02/19

First ucc – Carlisle                           Luke 4:16-21


Today is the day when we recognize in worship there are some new faces coming forward to serve on Consistory.  They may be serving as leaders of the church for the very first time, or they might be returning to serve as a leader of the church after a time away.  In any event, they are stepping forward to take this responsibility, and we will be lifting them up in the later worship time through prayer and ritual.

There are a number of ways to serve God and live out our faith.  Some people have chosen to serve as leaders of First UCC – Carlisle.  Other people choose to serve on of the councils or committees of this church.  And still others will find other project, programs, or events to participate in and assist with in order to follow their calling.  This church […]

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