August 24, 2020


Dear members of 1st United Church of Christ – Carlisle:


We pray that this day finds you safe and healthy.  Work continues to occur in making sure that the church will be ready and prepared the day the church does open.  At this point, it has been recommended by the Re-opening Task Force, and agreed upon by Consistory, to delay the opening of the church until October 4th.  This is based in part due to recent decisions made at a number of schools and colleges to teach remotely and/or to delay face-to-face classes.  In addition, there have been situations in churches where COVID has abundantly appeared.  We ask for your continued patience in this time.  Please know there are still ways to connect with people (through phone, technology) as well as meeting people in the community while employing social distancing practices.


In the meantime, there are some survey questions listed below that we would ask you to respond to.  Please return this survey to the church office


Name: ___________________________________________


How are you doing?  Is there anything the church can do for you?







When the church opens, will you attend church services                        Yes                  No


Please know that amongst the steps taken by the church, that people will need to safely distance and wear masks for church worship?  The church will have been cleaned and sanitized professionally, and followed CDC guidelines prior to the service (Live streaming/Video of the church will continue to be placed on Facebook, church website, Youtube.  Uber teleconference will continue to be available.)


What do you think if the church worship was phased in (once a month/every other week)?  Please give feedback






Do you have a preference for participating in worship online (livestreaming/video) and would rather have the re-forming committee and Consistory evaluate as to when the church can open based on coronavirus incidence in Cumberland County ?  Yes     No


Any thoughts/Suggestions: ______________________________________________________________




Pat Frey, President                  717-249-7528             Michael Coulson, Vice President       717-574-4595

Karen Byers, Secretary           717-243-2609             Susan Stott, Treasurer                         717-701-1120

Pastor Chris Schwab               717-422-8543