Sermon 11/17/19 Nahum 1:2-4 Genesis 18:20-32 The Unforgiving, Unrelenting God

The unforgiving, unrelenting God

Nahum 1:2-4, Genesis 18:20-32

1st UCC Carlisle            11/17/19


In recent months, I have found myself speaking to a variety of people and speaking about their perspective on god.  This has occurred within the life of the church, as well as out in the communities: at dinner parties, at community outreach events, and even regular events such as Theology Pub.  It is amongst these conversations that I have occasionally encountered a specific opinion about God and God’s position on the world.  This particular viewpoint espouses that God is full of judgement and condemnation.  This perspective strives to address how some people believe how God approaches relationships with humans, with little to no divine grace available.  One of the coallaries to this way of thinking is as follows, that there are people who are beyond the realm of redemption, and there will never be any no hope for them, today or […]

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sermon 11/10/19 Luke 9:46-48 and Genesis 4 Who is My Brother’s Keeper?

Who is my brother’s keeper? Luke 9:46-48  Genesis 4

1st UCC – Carlisle                    11/10/19


Today’s worship is meant to invite each of us to again look at our purpose.  What are we meant to do in this life to demonstrate our faithfulness make an impact as Christians?  While our relationship with God starts with a belief and trust in God, our Christian faith is not solely based on feelings and thoughts.  We must also recognize that the depth of our relationship and connection to God has to do with the words and actions we demonstrate in our lives.

One of the foundational qualities of being a Christian has to do with taking care of one another.  This can be found as early as the first book of the Bible.  Allow me to take a little time this morning and first consider the story of Cain and Abel.  To have a quick recap of […]

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sermon 10/27/19 Micah 6:1-8 It’s just a Cliche

Sermon 10/27/19   Micah 6:1-8

First UCC – Carlisle               It’s just a cliché


I would like to start today and talk about one of the words in my sermon title and define it.  I wish to do this so I can reasonably assume that we will all on the same path through this sermon time.  People may be familiar with the term cliché. This word comes from the French language, the word clicher, which means to overuse.  The definition that I think sums up this word is as follows: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.  With something being used too frequently I think that one potential impact of the overused sentence or phrase can be that it begins to lose its meaning or its impact.  Allow me to mention some common phrases which may well be used a lot and hence could be considered cliché


Actions […]

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Sermon October 13 2019 Luke 5:17-26 Homewrecker

10/13/19               The Homewrecker

Luke 5:17-26   1st UCC- Carlisle


Does anyone know of any person who has been a homewrecker? Has anyone here ever been a homewrecker? This word may have different connotations for people. As I use this word this morning I am not using the definition that speaks of someone ruining relationships. Instead I am talking literally about homewrecker. Has anyone ever taken a tool to their house and dramatically changed it? Before everyone responds with an absolute no on the home wrecking action, allow to ask people another question. Has anyone ever done a remodeling project? Re-modelling can be done by the owner, or someone can be hired to complete the work. But I would like us to consider the possibility that whenever a significant project is undertaken for a house, there is the possibility of destruction and carnage to occur. Certain remodeling projects can involve stress and frustration, tears […]

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