Souper Bowl of Caring 2021

Get ready for some football!

  • Our annual Souper Bowl celebration will be commencing January 25th.
  • The church is closed to worship at least through January 31. To abide by COVID-19 restrictions, we will be doing things differently this year. We will be accepting money and/or change from January 25th to February 4th. People will be able to give money toward their favorite team in the Super Bowl.
  • As this year is Super Bowl 55, we are aiming to raise at least $550.
  • The donated money will be given to Project Share.
  • Methods of Giving:
    • Come into Church: Please call (717-243-2512) or email Lyndsey ( to make a reservation as to when you can come into the building. Monday-Thursday 8am-1pm.
    • Drive Through: Come to the parking lot January 27th or February 3rd from 10 am to 1pm and drop money off with a designated person in the parking lot.
    • Home Pick-Up: […]
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Update on church building and worship 1/18/2021

Good morning members of 1st UCC – Carlisle,

Some information to share with you.  Church Consistory met this morning (January 18, 2020).  It was decided to remain closed to face to face worship through the end of January 2020 (including Sundays – January 24 and 31).  The re-opening task force will be meeting in the next week to look at the community pandemic numbers and then making a recommendation to the Consistory what the church should be doing about worship (e.g.  face-to-face, virtual, etc.)  Worship will continue to be held virtually (Facebook livestream; Youtube, church Facebook Page; uber teleconference;  Please feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions about the virtual worship.  Continued efforts will be made to keep people informed about the status of the church building.  Please continue to keep in prayer the entire congregation and the surrounding community in these times.  May […]

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Another Opportunity to help!

Good morning.  I trust this message finds you safe, warm, and well.  I am inviting all of us to help out with another project that is getting started at First UCC – Carlisle.  Right now we can see the season we are in right now- winter.  A number of us may have volunteered at soup kitchens or homeless shelters during the holidays.  Unlike us, however, the people we may have fed or provided a warm bed for the night still live in those conditions, even after the holidays are over. It is great that we give our time and money to these causes, but we want to make sure the people who are in need are taken care of throughout the year, particularly during the coldest time of the year.

            Let’s band together, 1st UCC and community, to provide sleeping bags, blankets, […]

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