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Mental Exercise – 3rd Sunday in Lent Confirmation – Luke 9:26-39

Imagine for a minute with me that we are walking in a downtown anywhere in the world. It could be Carlisle, perhaps a nearby city. We walk a specific section of that town on a daily basis. We are very familiar with the people we see, who are walking the streets, the people in the shops and stores. And each time we take this walk, we see one particular individual sitting on one of the street corner. Every time we have walked the street we see this individual, he is talking to himself, he wears ragged clothing, we might notice that it seems as though he has not had a bath in a number of weeks. And it is the same situation every time we take this walk, we see that man sitting there, talking to himself, acting and looking strangely.

And then we take this same walk today, we go […]

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Spiritual Exercise – 1st week of Lent – Luke 4:1-13

Last Wednesday began the season of Lent for the church. On that night at the Ash Wednesday worship I spoke about the exercises we need to engage in this Lenten time. I mentioned the notion of fitness we all need to embark upon at the following levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. During this year’s time of Lent, I am going to invite us to consider what exercising these parts of lives means, and what it means to be fit. On this first Sunday of Lent, I would like to spend some time considering spiritual fitness. This gospel passage seems relevant to the conversation of spiritual exercise and application.

When we look in the NRSV version of the Gospel of Luke passage today, the title of the reading is the Temptation of Jesus. This is an appropriate title for this week’s Gospel reading. The devil tempted Jesus to go for “domestic […]

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Outstanding – St Paul’s Brass Band – Luke 6:28-43a

This passage from the Gospel of Luke is outstanding in a couple of ways. Firstly, this beyond human convention transformation of Jesus Christ is something that we do not learn about at any other point in the gospel of Luke. It is true that we can find the account of this transformation in other gospels, but the event is significant enough in that it only happens once. This is where the disciples and the listening audience realizes the connection Jesus has with God. While only Peter, James and John see this event on the mountain, it is more than likely those three told the rest of the disciples about what they saw and what happened (the physical change in Jesus, the appearance of Moses and Elijah, and the voice of God).

The second outstanding part to this passage had to do with what follows the mountaintop experience, as Jesus continued his […]

Aloha Sunday – Be Loving – Luke 6:27-38

Hello again, or aloha. Some people may know the meaning of aloha, which is hello, goodbye and also, love. While hello and goodbye are significant words, the most distinctive meaning of this word is what I would like to focus on today: love. We may use words like hello and good bye, they are fleeting and brief. Love, however is something that can be manifested in so many different ways in our lives. It is an emotional that just about is a universal experience. There might be a few people that say that they love no one. Some people can point to the Grinch as a character that did not love, but we need to remember that by the end of the story even the Grinch had love in his heart. Love is something that is intended to occur with people’s lives. God created us to have full human experiences, […]

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Souper Bowl Sunday – Exit Stage Right – Luke 4 21-30

Have you ever heard the term exit stage left? I guess amongst theater groups it is a regularly used term. I had only ever heard of it in a cartoon, but according to one definition I located says that it is a significant statement within a play or dramatic setting. As I understand it, when it is used, it means an orderly and uneventful departure, timed so as not to detract or distract. Another way to consider this phrase is to see as meaning a person is to exit or disappear in a quiet, non-dramatic fashion, making way for more interesting events. It could even be used as an imperative: to tell someone to leave without making a fuss or causing a scene.

Now growing up, I had this expression coming from the cartoon Snaglepuss. Snagglepuss is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character created in 1959,[2] this is a pink anthropomorphic cougar sporting […]

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Now Trending: Drama – Book of the Bible: Jeremiah

Have you had the opportunity to watch a Spanish soap opera? Talk about dramatic statements and action. Every moment in those shows seem to be full of tension and drama.

This is the kind of dialogue Juanita te amo! pero amo a tu hermano. (Juanita I love you; but I love your brother) The dialogue consistently seems almost over the top when it comes to suspense and intrigue with the Spanish soap opera. Perhaps it’s is not so different from some of the dramatic shows you might find on television in the United States. Whether it is English soap operas, such as general hospital or as the world turns, or the reality shows which are so popular, Survivor, Keeping up with the Kardashians or American idols, drama seems to be a main fixture. I guess drama is a part of life. It certainly seems to a priority, or a trending presence […]

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